Cover Art + Message

All artwork for RAOPodcast is done by Jon Blaze Visuals

raop cover

First episode will be live on January 7th. It's been a long journey and I'm extremely happy to get this Podcast out finally. I would like to thank everyone that gave me advice behind the scenes and pointers on how to better my craft. Special thanks to Biff, Keef and Jon for helping me get this thing off the ground. 

Alright with that said, once again check back on January 7th for the first official episode with my guest comedian/host of the BLXperience Podcast Biff Lawson. And then on January 8th I will premiere the first episode of my Wrestling only podcast "Top Rope Thursdays". So stay tuned on that and spread the word please. The support will be greatly appreciated.

Lastly to celebrate the debut of "Random Acts Of Podcast" I will be giving away free stuff. I will give full details on how exactly you can win cool prizes in the next couple of days. You can never go wrong with free stuff am I wrong?