Alright the story I'm about to tell is crazy. Is about a situation that until this day I wish never happened. You can ask anybody that knows me personally, the story I'm about to tell is NOT of my character at all lol. But oh well I did the shit, I aint proud but I did the shit. Before I get into the story I will say this. I condone any sorts of bitchassness and punkbitchedness, but I displayed all forms of bitchassness and punkbitchedness in this situation. And whatever consequences I had to pay for my actions I deserved that shit. Ok that was the disclaimer, let's get to the damn story.

Aight let's go back in time. This situation took place my freshman year at Samuel W. Wolfson High School. I wanna say I was like 14 or some shit. Well anyway there was this dude named Kendrick. I wouldn't say he was tormented, but homie was the butt of every jokes. He was constantly talked about because he always wore that damn Paul Pierce jersey. And it wasn't a Nike swingman jersey it was one of them replica Champion joints. Folks stayed roasting dude but never really in his face. Dude was clearly crazy as fuck. I mean he was the only nigga in gym with his shirt off dunking and shit. I mean nigga we are 13/14, why are dunking? Homie had some loose screws but I was one his only friends. We wasn't best buddies (atleast I thought that, you'll see) but we were cool and what not. We use to talk about Madden and shit lmao. Shit we aint have no hoes on our dick so Madden is the only thing some young as niggas like us could talk about lol. Let me speed this story the hell up. Well one day a Senior came up to me and asked me why I hang out with Kendrick. Basically the senior was talking all kinds of shit about Kendrick. And I was a young as 9th grader trying to fit in. So I started selling out on Kendrick, not knowing at the time I was being a ho ass nigga x bitch ass coward nigga. We all got a little kick out talking about him and shit. [Side note: I remember one day Kendrick came to school with some "new" forces. It was in Ms. Arnolds class. Kendrick came up to us and sat down with his new sneakers. You know when niggas get new shoes they got put them out in the open so everybody can see them. Them nigga thought he was doing it. Until this nigga Tramaine ask him...... "Damn bruh, them shoes came dirty?". We was rolling for an hour. But this nigga Kendrick was red hot lmao. Good times.] Alright back to the story.

Ok after just completely selling out a friend on the bus, on my walk home I got to thinking. How about I write a comic book about Kendrick and pass it out around the school. Eh he'll never know about my bitchassness and deceit. So I started to go to work on the comic. I mean Stan Lee aint have shit on me. My illustration skills were on point, I though I was Big Meech in that bitch. Basically all the comic book consisted of was me drawing the niggas closet. I drew a Paul Pierce and Mike Vick jersey cuz that's all that nigga use to wear. Every monday he wore Red Vick jersey, red dickies, and red Chucks. SOOWOO all red everything! I would go into more detail on what was all in the comic book but this was 6 years ago and it would be hard to remember all that shit. Well anyway I was proud of my bitchass accomplishment. I even put could staples in it, that's how proud I was. I thought nothing could bring down my high. I was wrong as fuck cuh.

Alright the big day is among me, I was ultra prepared. I had the comic in my right hand ready to provide laughs, get kudos and continue to still not have any hoes. My objective for this was to pass the comic around to as many people as I can and not have Kendrick know. And I was doing great with it. I got it to a lot of folks without him even noticing. I mean he was even sitting next to a couple of folks while they laughed their ass off. That's how much balls I had, I aint give a fuck. So I wanna say a good 50 people say the comic. I wanted to put it to rest at that point and let it build through word of mouth. I told myself I was gonna put that shit away and not bring it out again. I should have listened to myself. This dude Travis (I'm not gonna say which one) asked me to look at the comic during lunch. I knew dude for a minute, so I trusted dude to watch over it. Bad move, I guess when was reading it he aint realize this nigga Kendrick was standing over him. Kendrick snatched the comic out Travis' hand and was about to whoop his ass, Travis yelled "Anthony made it! Anthony made it!" Mean while I was actually in the court yard chilling waiting for class. Next thing I know 2 dudes ran up to me saying "Bruh that nigga Kendrick said he was gonna kill you bruh. I would run." I'm trying be a tough guy and shit, my reply was "Man I don't care tell I said I'm out here". But in my head I'm thinking "this nigga is about to knock me the fuck out". Put it this way I'm not a soft dude, but this nigga was crazy and I probably would have lost I'm keeping it real. The bad part about this now is I got a crazy nigga saying he's gonna kill and we both had the same class next. RIP me

The bell rung. This might have been the longest I ever took to get to class. We had 5 minutes to get to class after the bell. Son I did all kinds of shit to kill time. I went to my locker not 1 not 2 but 3 times. I went to the bathroom and took the long way. And after all that I still had 3 minutes to get to class. When I say time stood still for my ass whooping, time said fuck you and stood in this bitch. So I said fuck it why delay the inevitable? I went into class and it was mad niggas surrounding the door. I wanna say it was like 30 fools. That had me even more shook. I put my book back down and was about to go the bathroom. All of a sudden this nigga Kendrick came outta no where. This scared the shit outta me. Nigga got in my face and yelled "Give me 5 reasons why I shouldn't kill you?". I thinking "OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!". I almost fainted in that bitch. He was about to clap my husky shoulders. I look to the door and everybody was going crazy. It was like the back drop on a stage on street fighter and shit. Then Kendrick started yelling "We was like brothers man!". I felt bad, but I still was thinking "Please don't beat my ass". All of a sudden 2 security guards broke it up. Keep in mind the 5 minute bell had never rung. That was like the longest 5 minutes of any bodies life. Time stands still when you're about to get your ass slammed in school.

Well anyway. We both got went the office. We had to talk to the 9th grade Dean Ms. Nix or whatever that bitch name was. She looked like the mom off Hangin' With Mr. Cooper. But while we in the office my heart was racing. I knew I took and L but I was glad to not have been beat to sleep. I was feeling bad about what I did. Ms. Nix basically was talking to us about what happened. This dude Kendrick started crying. I mean funeral crying. He started talking about how hard his life was and what not. I felt like a bitch for real and was speechless. I apologized several times but that nigga wasn't hearing that shit lol. Crazily we aint get no punishment or nothing. But them Wolfsons walls were talking, dumb rumors. Some fools were saying I got choked out. Some were saying I got body slammed. Some say I got stabbed. And some say I even got shot. Niggas was gossiping up a storm. Lol it was awkward as hell the next couple of days. Surprisingly no one tried me because I probably seemed like an easy target after the ho ness I displayed. I would have whooped they monkey ass though. It was funny going to most my friends afterwards because most of them asked me did I want him jumped. One of my homies Vincent thought out a fool set up on how to get dude jumped. But I told them all to fall back. Would I be bad if actually considered jumping him? :-/

Well I'm gonna end this long as story. Moral of it all is, don't write comic books about niggas. I feel bad about all this. I was a young wild niggas that aint know no better. I don't condone shit like this, now that I'm older. The sad part about this is its still a lot of fools out here now grown as hell doing shit like this. This situation made me hate gossiping ass fools until this day. Gossiping ass niggas stop it lol. Ok I done now and try not to laugh at my grammar. I typed this on my blackberry and I don't believe in proof reading.

No cliff notes either bitch...........